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Order Sushi Platters

Take a look through our delectable sushi platter below. SushiBox offers FREE DELIVERY for orders over R1500.

54pc Platter – R499.00

Salmon Roses 6pc

Salmon Sashimi 3pc

Tuna Sashimi 3pc

Avo Maki 8pc

Salmon tacos 4pc

Tuna 2 Way Roll 10pc

Harapenyo Roll 10pc

Loaded Rainbow 10pc


130pc Platter – R979.00

Salmon Roses 14pc

Salmon Sashimi 6pc

Tuna sashimi 4pc

Cucumber Maki 8pc

Avo Maki 8pc

Tuna Maki 8pc

Prawn Maki 8pc

Loaded Rainbow 20pc

Tuna 2 Way Roll 10pc

Harapenyo Roll 10pc

Bam Bam 10pm

Green Roll 10pc

Prawn Nigiri 4pc

Tuna Nigiri 4pc

Salmon Tacos 6pc


250pc Platter – R1925.00

Salmon Roses 24pc

Tuna Roses 12pc

Salmon Sashimi 12pc

Tuna Sashimi 12pc

Avo Maki 16pc

Cucumber Maki 16pc

Tuna Maki 16pc

Prawn Maki 16pc

Loaded rainbow 20pc

Tuna 2 Way Roll 20pc

Harapenyo Roll 20pc

Bam Bam 20pc

Green Roll 20pc

Salmon Tacos 14pc

Tuna Nigiri 6pc

Prawn Nigiri 8pc


400pc Platter – R2980.00

Salmon Roses 30pc

Tuna Roses 20pc

Salmon Sashimi 18pc

Tuna Sashimi 18pc

Avo Maki 20pc

Cucumber Maki 20pc

Prawn Maki 20pc

Loaded rainbow 30pc

Harapenyo Roll 30pc

Tuna 2-Way Roll 30pc

Bam Bam 30pc

Green Roll 30pc

Red Roll 30pc

Prawn Nigiri 12pc

Tuna Nigiri 12pc

Salmon Tacos 26pc

Salmon California 24pc


* All platters come with Chopsticks, Wasabi, Ginger and Soya sauce.



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