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Sushi Box Claremont


Sushi Box Claremont is the latest addition to the Sushi Box family. Located in the buzzing new omni-channel retail space that is We are EGG, you’ll find Sushi Box right at home among 250 other restaurants and shops keen to be part of the new retail experience.

Taking up over 2,700 sqm in Cavendish Square, We are EGG houses both local and international brands selling everything from beauty to homeware. The groundbreaking omni-channel approach will see shoppers have the option to purchase items through their phone or pay at a traditional check-out and collect their items from a collection counter within 15 minutes.

Guests can purchase take-away sushi or enjoy a meal at the designated dining area within We are EGG, while celebrating the best of local and international design.

Open: 11:00 – 19:00 (Monday to Sunday)
Contact: 074 384 3048


We are EGG, Cavendish Connect,
Dreyer Street,