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Newlands, Cape Town

021 674 0820

Kloof Street, Cape Town

021 422 1894

De Waterkant, Cape Town

021 418 0396


Gourmet Sushi Restaurant

" Sushi Box has been going for almost a year now and growing from strength to strength! I'd like to thank everyone for their support, it has been such a pleasure seeing all my friends show their support for something that has been a dream of mine for quite some time. I am very proud to say that we are on the Cape Town map as one of the top destinations for Quality sushi! "

Christo Bornman

the SushiBox team

Head Chef

We are passionate about what we do and look forward to sharing our love for gourmet sushi with you at our restaurant or takeaway in Newlands, Woodstock and Constantia.

Come and enjoy our great wooden deck, sitting next to our fountain with a bottle of something special from Wine Concepts.



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The Menu

Sharing our love for gourmet sushi with you at our restaurant or takeaway


Sarita Kerber, De Waterkant

I just love sushi box so much. Sushi is always fresh and delicious. I was delighted that they have opened in Cape Quarter. I did not have the time to sit down so instead got takeaways and it still looks so divine when I open the box of sushi. Sushi is love and sushi box is sushi at its finest.

Denela De Villiers, De Waterkant

Pop in or Sit down.. The service and quality is undeniable... It Is... Sushi Box. A most pleasurable experience... we will be back for sure!

Chad Marks, Kloof Street

Awesome experience at this gem in Kloof Street. Wonderful vibe, friendly and efficient staff, and of course, incredible sushi at great prices. Can you say "unbeatable value for money?"

Kelsey le Voy, Kloof Street

My favourite sushi restaurant by far! Their menu has a wide variety of exciting flavour combo's and then the classics. Portion size is perfect and presentation is always beautiful. Thank you for another amazing meal Sushi Box!

Melissa Butler, Newlands

Best Sushi in Cape Town!!!! Amazingly fresh, creative presentation and very friendly service. Always an awesome experience - Thank you!

Joy Norman, Newlands

My friend and I had a late lunch at Sushi Box in Newlands on Sunday afternoon. As always it was fantastic. Chilled out atmosphere, friendly and vibrant staff and the most amazingly tasty and fresh sushi ever!! I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone wanting an unforgettable sushi experience!

Custom made Sushi Platters

We make platters for any social or work function

Please contact us and let's discuss how we can make your Gourmet Sushi an experience for your colleagues and friends to remember! We are passionate about what we do and look forward to sharing our love for gourmet sushi with you at our restaurant or takeaway in Cape Town.


NEWLANDS 021 674 0820   |   KLOOF STREET 021 422 1894   |   DE WATERKANT 021 418 0396

50pc Platter – R395.00

Salmon Roses 6pc
Salmon Sashimi 3pc
Tuna Sashimi 3pc
Avo Maki 4pc
Prawn Maki 4pc
Tuna Nigiri 2pc
Prawn Nigari 2pc
Tuna 2 Way Roll 8pc
Harapenyo Roll 8pc
Loaded Rainbow 10pc

120pc Platter – R845.00

Salmon Roses 14pc
Salmon Sashimi 6pc
Tuna sashimi 6pc
Cucumber Maki 8pc
Avo Maki 8pc
Tuna Maki 8pc
Salmon Maki 8pc
Loaded Rainbow 20pc
Tuna 2 Way Roll 8pc
Harapenyo Roll 8pc
Tiger Roll 8pc
Tuna Nigiri 4pc
Prawn Nigiri 4pc
Salmon Nigiri 2pc
Salmon California 8pc

250pc Platter – R1695.00

Salmon Roses 36pc
Salmon Sashimi 12pc
Tuna Sashimi 12pc
Avo Maki 12pc
Cucumber Maki 24pc
Tuna Maki 12pc
Salmon Maki 12pc
Loaded rainbow 20pc
Tuna 2 Way Roll 20pc
Salmon California 16pc
Tiger Roll 20pc
Harapenyo Roll 20pc
Prawn Nigiri 6pc
Tuna Nigiri 8pc
Salmon Nigiri 6pc
Spicy Prawn California 20pc

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We don't take bookings at SushiBox because the restaurant is a boutique 20 seater venue. Customers are seated on a first come basis. If you do happen to find that we are full why not let us know and go for a drink at Barristers and we will call you when some seating is free.

Contact SushiBox telephone number: 021 674 0820




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